How can you say that your system is affected by the virus?? Common symptoms are that the system works really very slow, the internet browser home page changes automatically, the random opening and closing of the programs and applications, excessive pop-ups, the message coming saying the system is infected. The only way to get rid of the infected viruses or malwares is by installing virus / malware removal tool or by reloading the operating system. Keep these in mind before you do anything, backup all the files if the reloading is to be done. Use the anti-virus/ malware software's. After doing this we should make necessary precautions from the re-entry of malwares from the system is by ensuring that the antivirus is up-to-date. As an extra protection its best to purchase a security software. The mail attachments should be downloaded through trusted sources. Double check the URL to make sure the genuine ones are used. For more assistance its prescribed to visit Acer repair center Calicut.

Any disc or thumb drive inserted or connected to your laptops can be infected with virus which may cause your system affected by malwares. Sizcom servicing offers Virus removal for Acer laptops and devices. We acer service center kozhikode have a team of skilled and talented workers to offer service anywhere anytime in your city. Make us a call or jot down a mail to reach us for proper and prompt service done within small time