Gionee Service Center Calicut

Gionee service center Calicut is a one stop to service your handset. Let it be hardware or software issues with your Smartphone Sizcom is here to solve all the problems securing your data, taking the backup for you and protecting from any kind of malwares. One of the common issue with mobile phones is with the battery charge draining. We can transform them by following certain factors. By doing so many of the issues related to it can be prevented. Turn OFF the features which are not used. Try to use a different charger and see. Check if the Wi-Fi hot spot of your phone is shared with other phones. If you have back cover on the phone, remove it for the next few days. Uninstall/ Update all outdated app in the phone. Disable all the notifications from the apps as they consume a lot of battery. Scan the device for virus and check which app is consuming more battery. Before you visit any other store just walk-in to our place and see the quality from the very first customer interaction to the service we provide to you. It's worth a try. Once you come to us we promise you that , later if any issues with any of the mobiles of your friends or relatives you will suggest Sizcom service center Calicut for them. We enable you to get the best solution to all your mobiles/laptops issues and also repair damaged devices with original equipment and best quality spare parts. We provide timely servicing to our customers at affordable prices. Don't think twice to come to our Sizcom service center Calicut if you have to an issue with your gadgets.