1. My Lenovo laptop’s keyboard is not working at all. The whole keys have gone impaired. Could you please tell me what might have caused it to be dead?
Answer: - Laptop keyboards may get non-functional due to short circuits in the keyboard. A keyboard replacement can fix the issue in general. If the problem is not with the keyboard, then the problem might be with the motherboard. Whatever be the cause, if you need finest keyboard repair services, you are most welcome to Sizcom, one of the best laptop service centers in Calicut.
2. When I turn on my laptop, it is getting up but the display is totally blank. The power and HDD indicator lights are all blinking but the display is showing nothing. What could be the problem?
Answer: - Such problems may arise due to various reasons like problems with the RAM, or a defective display, or even the board issues. For all kinds of display related issues, Laptop service center Calicut offers dexterous services for you at a faster pace
3. My Asus X55C laptop is not working at all. I removed its battery thinking that the problem might be with the battery. I tried to power it up using the ac adapter, but it still didn’t work. Please help me how to solve the problem.
Answer: - If the laptop is not working even after you tried powering up with an adapter, the problem is with the power section of the mother board. With a good motherboard repair, you can revive your laptop. If you want to repair your dead laptop, excellent services are available at Sizcom Laptop service center Kozhikode.
4. My laptop display is constantly flickering. I can’t figure out what the problem is. What could be the problem?
Answer: -Flickering display can be due to reasons like loose connections with the display strip or OS problems. A scrupulous diagnosis can reveal the exact reason behind. If you desire for a scrupulous diagnosis and issue fixation for flickering display, Sizcom Laptop service center Calicut is a choicest destination
5. I accidentally slipped my Laptop to the ground and broke its side. Working is OK, but the edge has got damaged. Can I get it fixed?
Answer: -You need not worry about it. If you have broken the laptop hinge, then a hinge replacement is necessary. If it is only a minor damage then a fabrication is required to enough to fix it right. We, Laptop service center Kozhikode, are well-set with the right tools and skills to give excellent hinge replacement and fabrication services for you.
6. When I use my laptop, after a few minutes of working, it automatically turns off. Also, I found that the laptop is getting much hotter when it turns off. Can you suggest a solution for this issue?
Answer: -Overheating can cause your processor to stop working and this leads to your laptop turning off. This can be due to the insufficient cooling provided by the fan, because of its improper working. Sometimes, the issue may be due to short circuits in the motherboard. If you crave for a quick laptop repair, Laptop service center Calicut is here to assist you and give you the apt solutions.
7. It’s been only a few days since my laptop speaker has got something wrong. The speaker is not working and no sound is heard at all. Will you help me know what the problem is?
Answer: -The reason for the issue may or may not be with the speaker. If there is no audio output available from the laptop ports, then the problem is with the board. Or else, the speaker has gone defective and a speaker replacement is enough to fix the issue. If you are troubled with speaker issues, walk in to Sizcom, one of the leading Laptop service center Kozhikode
8. I accidentally spilt some tea over my Toshiba C660 laptop. Immediately, I removed its battery and kept it to dry. I don’t know what to do next. Please help me regarding how I can recover it from damage.
Answer: -If you have disconnected it from power immediately, then its half done. Now take your laptop immediately to an expert service center. Internal cleaning and drying is the next step to be done. Sizcom Laptop service center Calicut has got the top-notch facilities and expert technicians to rejuvenate your laptop inflicted with liquid damage.
9. My laptop’s trackpad is not working. Now I ‘am using an external mouse to do tasks in my device. Can you tell me how should I deal with the issue?
Answer: -The issue may be with the track pad driver software or sometimes the track pad hardware. Reinstalling the trackpad driver software may fix the issue. If not, a repair of the trackpad strip is necessary or if the problem is severe, then trackpad replacement is the final choice. If you are in need of trackpad repair, why not seek assistance from Sizcom, one of the best Laptop service center Kozhikode
10. I ‘am fed up with the speed of my laptop. The system is sluggish in booting up or while opening programs and constantly shows the ‘not responding’ reply in the title bar while using some programs. Please tell me how I can solve the issue.
Answer: -If the laptop is too slow, then there may be virus issue and installing anti-virus software is a solution. If the sluggishness persists, unwanted files and programs need to be deleted and a final solution is the OS change. For those worried about laptop’s slow performance, Sizcom Laptop service center Calicut offers outstanding solutions at their best in no time.
Answer: -USB Port can be defective due to short circuits within the internal circuits. A proper checking of the board can find the cause and if it is severe, USB port replacement is the ultimate solution. If you have any queries, walk into Sizcom Laptop service center Calicut, one of the best laptop repair centers in the city.
12. When I open my Acer Aspire 5750 laptop, I can see nothing but a white display. It seems that the laptop is working but the display is utterly white with nothing else. What has happened to my PC?
Answer: -If you are getting white display screen on your laptop, the problem might be with your display or even the graphics card. To get efficient repairing services for white display issues, walk into Sizcom Laptop service Kozhikode and get your laptop back, revived
13. My laptop battery is not charging up even if I charge it for hours. I don’t know what to do with this issue. Please suggest a solution for this.
Answer: -The first remedy for this issue is to check whether the ac adapter is working. If it is OK, then the problem is with the battery and it needs to be boosted. For all kinds of charging issues with your laptops, Laptop service center Calicut has got to you the perfect solutions. Contact us soon for a revival.
14. Every time I open my HP laptop, I can find nothing but a blue screen. The hard disk is working and every other thing look like they are OK. Please help me to get rid of this blue screen issue.
Answer: -This can occur due to a variety of reasons like Hard disk issues, problems with the RAM, or issues with the BIOS of the system. Now you don’t need to panic if blue screen appears on your laptop. Sizcom Laptop service center Kozhikode is well-organized to help you fix all kinds of issues with your laptop
15. When I open my laptop, I find that the hard disk is not detecting. The hard disk indicator light is not blinking. What is the issue with my laptop?
Answer: -Such problems may be due to problems with the BIOS or the Hard disk. It can also be due to some error in the mother board. If you require a good service center to solve hard disk not detecting issues, Sizcom Laptop service center Calicut will provide you the apt solutions at a faster pace.
16. It is found that my laptop keeps on restarting automatically, when I am engaged in some works in it. What could be the cause for this frequent restarting?
Answer: -This issue arises mainly due to 2 reasons- either due to problem with the OS or the heating up of processor due to problem with the cooling fan. A thorough check of the laptop will reveal the exact cause. If you need a quick solution for this issue, Sizcom Laptop service center Kozhikode is a great choice to seek expert technical assistance.
17. My laptop is getting overheated while I use it for hours. Observing this, I left my laptop without working for some time. I resumed working in it again but found that it was getting heated up again. Can you suggest a solution for this issue?
Answer: -Overheating issues mainly occur due to improper ventilation facility inside the laptop. The vents might have got filled with dust or the cooling fan might have got impaired. The solution is to check the performance of the fan and clean the vents. If you need service assistance for this issue, contact Sizcom Laptop service center Calicut get things done at their best.
18. My laptop keyboard is typing some keys automatically and I can’t control this problem. Can you suggest a solution to get me out from this problem?
Answer: -Automatic typing is due to some shorted circuits inside the key board. A scrupulous checking of the internal circuits can help in fixing the issue. If you require a keyboard replacement or repair, get assistance from Laptop service center Calicut, the leading repair center for laptops in the city.
19. It happened to appear some vertical lines on my Dell laptop’s display screen. At first, there was a single line, but now the number of lines has increased gradually to so that is difficult to see things displayed on the screen. How does this happen?
Answer: -Vertical lines may occur due to software as well as hardware issues. In most cases, the problem is with the display and it needs to be rectified soon. For all your display related issues, you can seek dexterous technical assistance from Sizcom Laptop service center Kozhikode.
20. My Acer laptop fails to detect the battery even if a fully charged battery is inserted. How can I get this issue fixed?
Answer: -If the battery is good, then the problem may be with the adaptor or even the power section of the mother board. It is not an issue to be panic. You had better seek assistance from a good repairing center to solve this issue. If you are looking for an excellent Laptop service center in Calicut, Sizcom Laptop service center Calicut is a highly recommended choice.

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