Some of the common issues with the hard disk is that the files disappearing due to mechanical problems, the frequent freezing of the computer is also due to the hard disk, When the files are corrupted suddenly where as previously there was no issue then that is because the hard drive is experiencing a gradual failure. There are two sectors on a hard drive the hard sector and the soft sector, formatting a software is done by the soft sector. and the hard bad sector is the reason for the hardware damages. The strange sound or the bad sector issues is not due to any malware issues where as issues like computer freezing, randomly corrupted data, viruses or malware are the cause for this.

The issues on hard disk could result in data lose, Dell service center Kozhikode is specialized in data recovery. Many important data's and files can be lost due to the malwares , or any hard sector issues, our technicians can handle the data recovery of any of your laptops of any brand and any model.

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