Relax!! we can help you fix the issues of your Smartphone.

You have landed in the right place for servicing your Lenovo Smartphone. We provide you with quality servicing with genuine spare parts with warranty.

Lenovo phones are one of the most affordable Smartphone. But it has certain draw backs like the battery performance is not satisfactory, initially it will work with no issues but as time goes on the mobile will have to be charged multiple times. Other problem is with the touch sensor of the screen.

We Lenovo service center Kannur provide customized quality servicing for our customers, based on the type of issues they are facing with their Smartphone. We repair the faulty product as soon as we receive. If the problem is caused by a damage or breakdown, the repair is done immediately and diagnosed. If the issue is due to water entering in the phone then the process would take longer time.

We provide on-time servicing with warranted spare parts. Our technicians keep on updating about the Lenovo phones thus enabling them to sort out any kind of issues happening to your phone. We can help you with the any kind of issues related to your phone that could be either hardware/ software. Our expert panel of technicians helps our customers in sorting these issues. Thus we have numerous satisfied customers enabling us to get more customers from sharing their experience.

We provide hassle free and affordable customer driven servicing.