Thoshiba service center Calicut and Kannur

SizCom is one of the leading Thoshiba service center in Calicut. Being a leader in the Thoshiba repair industry, sizcom Thoshiba Service Center Calicut delivering high quality service at affordable prices . Complete Thoshiba Laptop repair and Thoshiba smart phone repair solutions are provided from the Experienced and certified Engineers for all kinds of issues. Sizcom Thoshiba Service Center Calicut have highly experienced and very efficient Technicians . Sizcom Thoshiba technicians are specialized in repairing of all kinds of Thoshiba laptop or Thoshiba smart phones like the G series G50-g70, G50-30, G50-45 Y, Z ,Thoshiba vibe series,Thoshiba k series ,Thoshiba s series,Thoshiba p series and Thoshiba a series.very fast and quality service Enabling us to fix and deliver the Thoshiba laptop or smartphone on time to the customers.

Thoshiba Notebook Repair services are provided by sizcom Thoshiba Service Centre Calicut. If you need your Thoshiba notebook or laptop repaired, whether it is a current model or out of production model, sizcom Thoshiba Service Centre is here to help you. Thoshiba Service Center Calicut Guaranteed service for any Thoshiba laptop or Thoshiba smart phone with any fault. We provide original spare parts and is for chip level repairing of any Thoshiba laptop or Thoshiba smart phone problem. All types of Thoshiba laptop and Thoshiba smart phone accessories and spares are available for the best price at sizcom Thoshiba Service Calicut , we are fully equipped to meet the different Thoshiba notebook or Thoshiba smartphone repair and replacement needs of our clients. Depending on the nature of repair and the problems of our clients, we can provide customized Repair Services. We maintain a complete inventory of Thoshiba products spare parts such as processors (CPUs), power cords, memory, keyboards, hard drives, inverters, LCDs, external CD DVD Drives, DVD CDRWs, batteries and power adapters for repair and replacement services. In addition to repair and replacement service, we can also make available necessary upgrades to the existing notebook software and equipment, virus removal, data recovery and file retrieval services. we are one of the most successful Thoshiba repair service providers in Calicut .

We take utmost effort to make our customer satisfied. We can meet the entire repair requirement for Thoshiba G series, Y, Z, and FLEX Series and all Models of Thoshiba products. our technicians can fix any laptop or smart phone issues. our technicians have more than 5 years of Thoshiba repair experience. We have fixed more than 3000 Thoshiba products . Our goal is to be the fastest and most affordable service company for Thoshiba repairs in Calicut. The normal turnaround time of our Thoshiba repair service is one to two business days. At Thoshiba service center Calicut , we stock most of the parts: power supplies, hard drives, screens, cables, hinges and many more components. Thoshiba Service Center Calicut also repairs broken Thoshiba laptops,broken Thoshiba smart phone, Fabrications on laptop body, power supply problems, Rework required by the Mother Board, and a few other repairs works. We can also provide replacements for broken parts and accessories that cannot be repaired. This is just the right place for getting your Thoshiba product repaired..